Information for people wondering about the registry cleaner

I've noticed many posts (seemingly more recently) about issues/concerns over ... The registry scan can be slow on some machines, but give it a few minutes or if its not .... Can I use registry cleaners other than CCleaner? ... is "safer" (term used lightly) than ones that dive into the deepest parts of the registry.

Using Registry Cleaner: Does Is It Really Make a Difference?

At first, this sounds great — your registry is constantly being used, ... Registry cleaners are good to get more than one use out of 30 day trial

What's the Registry, Should I Clean It, and What's the Point? - Lifehacker

Application settings used to be stored in text-based configuration files (and ... a text configuration file—so the registry can be used for more than just settings. ... a registry change from a machine that won't boot anymore—if you can make ... One of the most persistent myths about Windows is that you need to

Why Using a Registry Cleaner Won't Speed Up Your PC or Fix Crashes

Registry cleaners fix “registry errors” that can cause system crashes ... It's likely that the average registry cleaner would cause many more problems than ... Reinstalling Windows is one of the easiest ways to fix software .... I've used registry cleaners for years...even dabbled a little in registry defragmentation.

User reviews for Eusing Free Registry Cleaner Freeware - SnapFiles

I have been using Wise Registry Cleaner, but this Eusing outdoes it all the way around. ... Over the years and multiple versions of Windows one program has evolved ... I have used this program for several years now (using Win XP professional .... This program will not delete anything that will hurt your machine like others do

Five free Windows registry cleaners to keep your system running

One of the things I like most about CCleaner (aside from the fact that it will also rid your machine of temporary Internet files) is that it will always prompt you to ... The System Utilities tool is free, so you can't go wrong. ... AML Registry Cleaner finds quite a lot more keys for removal than most other cleaners.

Microsoft does not support use of Registry Cleaners in Windows

What is Microsoft's stand on Registry Cleaners? ... from writing to System Folders and to the 'machine wide keys' in the registry. ... Over time, the Windows Registry can begin to contain information that's no longer valid. ... You might also notice that your PC's startup process is slower than it used to be.

Can I have multiple antivirus software on my computer. - Forums - CNET

Can I use multiple anti-virus software? .... Registry Mechanic - registry protection ... As long as ZoneAlarm remains one of the most widely used firewall products, its IDS unit will ... users would assume the best registry cleaner is the one that finds the most "problems. ... ..installing only ONE antivirus on the machine at a time.

How Best Do I Clean My Registry? | PCWorld

Registry cleaners will do this for you, but for extra protection, do it yourself, first. ... EasyCleaner uses green, yellow, and red light icons (only green ... CCCleaner: Another free one that does more than just clean the Registry.

What's the best registry cleaner? - Ask Leo!

And I definitely install and play with random things on my machine on ... So if you're going to use a registry cleaner, which one should you use? ... I've used both of these tools on an otherwise clean and working .... Theres a ton of registry programs out there and the wrong one can do more harm then good.
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