Best Free Registry Cleaner | Gizmo's Freeware

While some people swear by them, others blame registry cleaners for their ... If you use a registry cleaner that causes a problem you should be prepared to ... Tips and Tricks for Linux Mint after Installation [Mint 17 to 17.2 - Cinnamon Edition].

What Kind of Maintenance Do I Need to Do On My Linux PC?

I'm pretty new to Linux, and I'm familiar with Windows maintenance, but ... There is no registry on Linux, so you don't need a registry cleaner.

Why Linux cleanup utilities are dangerous - Dedoimedo

... cleaning utilities, like dupeclean, Janitor, BleachBit, GConf Cleaner, ... Some may call it a Linux-like registry, although it is nowhere near as

The five best Linux file system cleaning tools - TechRepublic

Gconf-Cleaner is a tool that could be compared to a Windows registry cleaner. This tool goes through the Gconf database (Gconf Registry

GNOME Gconf Registry Cleaner - Gconf Cleaner | Linux Blog

GConf is a system of storing preferences of most of the installed applications, as well as the environment and desktop for GNOME for Linux, It is intended for user

BleachBit: Myth: Linux Doesn't Need a Registry Cleaner

Some say Linux's .rpm and .deb installation packages uninstall cleanly, so there is no need for any registry cleaners like CCleaner. Here are a

Linux/Unix - how to do registry and system cleaning in linux

What is Windows registry equivalent in linux and how do you clean the registry in linux. How to do junk files cleaning in linux?

Registry Cleaner - Free downloads and reviews - CNET

registry cleaner free download - DL Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Wise Registry Cleaner, and many more programs.

4 CCleaner Alternatives For Ubuntu Linux - It's FOSS

... Linux? Here are four alternatives to do a system clean up in Ubuntu. ... You don't have registry in Linux which further reduces the headache.

cleaner for linux? [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums

Firstly, from everything I've seen and read there isn't any need for a registry/computer cleaner product, Linux doesn't have the bloated useless
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